International trade of hides and skins

Trade of Hides and Skins

Import - Export : We are specialized in the supply of high-quality skins coming mostly from France, England, Italy, Ireland, Germany, USA and also from the whole world.
Guaranteed quality : To best meet your raw and semi-tanned leather needs, we carefully choose the slaughterhouses and tanners with whom we work.

An experience of over 20 years !

A quality of service that meets your request.

Our expertise to preserve the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers.

DEGE Trading - Vidéo



DEGE Trading - French Hides and Skins has relays in South Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and North and South America.

We are always pursuing new opportunities, and do business across the world

Transformation of hides and skins

An art based on long-standing know-how combined with modern techniques

A wide range of techniques and processes make it possible to obtain very different finished leathers.