Best Sellings :

- french origin : (fresh weight) - Cows : 31/-kg , 32/+kg - Bulls : 37/-kg , 37/+kg, 47/+kg - Calf skins : 8/12 kg, 12/16 kg, 16/+ kg - Casuality calf skins : 2/5.5 kg - Sheep skins

- Foreign origin : Each country has its own selection. We apply these ones depending on the countries:

- Calf skins : 8/15 kg - Cow hides : 18/25kg - Bull hides : 18/25kg, 25/+kg, Heavy native cows…

- Regular offers: bovine croupons, bellies and shoulders of cows and bulls, wet blue leather, splits and wet blue.



In our import-export activity of hides and skins, all calf and bull skins are coming from a controlled feedlot, thus offering high-quality grains.

They suit the products with quality leather.

Medium and light cows are mostly from dairy herds. They offer an excellent ratio of price per square meter.

Cow skins are mostly from cattle rearing, particularly for meat production, they often end in high-quality unique leathers.



A lot of different breeds can be found in France, beginning with the Dutch Texel, English Metis, indigenous breeds as Aveyron or Arles’ Merino, and the Spanish type Merino / Entrefinos, the list goes on. A lot of these breeds have thinner wool than usual, making them excellent for double-faced production.

France also has an important production of sucking lambs ( lambs only fed by milk at the slaughter), which is reputed for its high double-faced quality.